The new additions…

…are so cute. We bought our first chicks almost 2 weeks ago. There is a serious learning curve when it comes to raising new animals. We learned so much so fast. We started with 6, but 3 didn’t make it. We added 9 more 2 days ago. So far, the 3 older ones are separated from the new 9, but as they all get older we will start to integrate them into one big brood. All of the chicks are bantams, so they are about 1/2 the size of regular chickens. They lay much smaller eggs as well. The 3 older ones are 3 weeks old now, and they all look alike. 


The 9 new ones are only a few days old, but we can tell them all apart except for 2 of the speckled ones. The kids have all staked claim to their favorites and have started naming them. J won’t let me claim my favorite one, but gave Jay the turken (a mixed breed of turkey and chicken). That’s right, I said turken. We found a bantam turkey-ish! I didn’t think anyone would like them so I only got one. I should’ve bought more because the turken is the one everyone likes, but by the time we went back to get more, all the turkens were gone. 


I got a good picture of the turken. We love it’s little naked neck! We might just have to go back on Tuesday, when the next shipment comes in, to get more. 



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