Our first 2 months of the year…

…have been a little crazy. In mid January (2016) we found water damage in our kitchen. This water damage was a result of a slow leak which was estimated to have started in November of 2015. This was also the cause of our tile issues in the bathroom and kitchen. We went to LA to visit M and E and when we returned, we got to stay one night in the house before moving into our first hotel.  From there, we moved to a different hotel, where over the course of the next few weeks we occupied a total of 5 suites before we were moved up onto Foremaster Ridge. So far, we have spent more of this year living outside of our house than we have spent living in it. We are so ready to move home again.

T has struggled daily at school since returning home from winter vacation with mom and dad. Dad is coming to town tomorrow for an 8 day visit, and T has been beyond stressed about it. I forget sometimes that we had about a month and a half to get him prepared for school, and even then he struggled for the first few weeks. I feel like we are starting over every time he sees them.

M has a new man in her life. He is so good to her and E. We met him when we went to visit in January. E is getting so big! She is strong and wanting to walk so badly. She already had 2 teeth when we visited. She’s gorgeous and we love her! M is doing such a great job with her. M is an amazing mom!

I am still looking for a full time, well paying job where I can put my degree to use. I do have a part time, temporary job starting in 10 days and lasting about a month. I’ll be an aid at T’s school, in his class. I’m subbing for the regular aid who is out for medical reasons. T is excited, so far, that I’ll be there everyday. Maybe I’ll get lucky and this will lead to something else, something that better fits my degree, my talents, my family’s needs.

Update: We finally moved back home on March 12th. It’s so nice to be back in our own home! Now to clean, declutter, and organize…


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